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I photograph mostly women in order to tell about them... 

Through heroines in the history of literature, my memories or simple portraits, I stage what I aspire to, and set an introspective mirror to the viewer. 

I recognize my subjects are inspired by that which I live, propelled by a permanent quest to find precision and balance. 



It has been necessary to give up on time-consuming current affairs but also on family, administrative or social injunctions, on too much nonsense, on the fear of not meeting expectations. In short, it has been necessary to get rid of the cumbersome to achieve creation and take the first step towards reconciliation. with oneself.

little girl I had already noticed that suffering, like light, made its way everywhere. At the time, I did not understand what the founding conditions of this phenomenon were, but I had clearly understood from the adults that they were torn between Good and Evil. How could it work, this link with the others? of what could the most sovereign joy or unbearable violence be made?

Then I grew up loaded with joys and pains, understanding that from missed acts and unaccomplished gestures, from all this approximateness with which we awkwardly knit our lives, from failed meetings with ourselves or with others, always appears a crisis.

That's how it all started.

This obsession with the origin of dysfunctions became part of my work to oppose to it a quest for accuracy and balance.

That I never stopped questioning my existential condition, particularly as a woman.

Anne Kuhn



Thank you!

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