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Through my work, I evoke existential questions around childhood, memory, education, the place of women through centuries, toxic or true love.

Both personal and universal stories.

The subjects appear to me to be clearly inspired by what I live or feel. Propelled by a permanent search for precision and balance, I set an introspective mirror to the viewer.



Anne Kuhn is a photographer.

She could have expressed herself differently, used other ways to purge her soul, other valves to keep reason. Literature, painting for example. His photographic style belongs to literature, tends towards painting. Her body also have spoken: she was a professional dancer, notably in New York, with Merce Cunningham's Dance Company. How do you become a photographer? In the name of what urgency do we decide to sacrifice the other possibilities of telling people, most often women? How do we take this step without possible return towards the exploration of the other, of his joy and, sometimes, of his unhappiness? How do we play with fire in this way, taking the risk of a mirror effect in such a staging of muted violence, elegant carnage?

Yet she wonders: who would want one of her picture in a living room? “It’s only a click on a camera”. A click, yes, but with forty years of doubts, questions, triumphs, false leads and encounters before. Her photos are sums, accumulations in mille-feuilles. They have long memories.

By Jean Daniel Beauvallet, co-founder of Les Inrockuptibles

Love me tender

Text by Jean-Daniel Beauvallet

154 pages • 24x30

ISBN : 978-2-37946-091-3

Parution : 18 sept 2023



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