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Born in Paris in 1963, as a young girl, I already studied other people, grown-ups intrigued me.


And then there was the photographer father.


A silent and withdrawn father. 

When, at 35, after a period as a professional dancer, I decided to make photography my career, I learnt without his help, still worried about finding my legitimacy in this art form, as if I couldn’t quite grasp that which I felt belongs permanently to him.

And yet, taking photos was a necessity to me. That much was clear.

After having worked as a portrait photographer under contract with Gamma, I worked as a studio photographer.


I observed the tips of the trade used by the photographic director and his team which allow us to shape the light using smoke, to soften a natural light which shows too much contrast. My universe was taking shape.


Years of photography for the press and the cinema has been necessary before I can concentrate on my own personal work. 


Over this period, my artistic writing began to assert itself, with a constant need to highlight mystery and poetry, for which I find my inspiration in the baroque form and the contrasted light used in the XVIIth century.

One discovery will be crucial in helping me find my form of expression: Take care of yourself by Sophie Calle awoke the possibility of telling a personal story to an anonymous public, but also to question the spectator by sending he or she back to his or her own experience. 

02express Press 


"Anne Kuhn, photographie d'art entre justesse et équilibre", Portrait par Nathalie Dassa. 

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Capture d’écran 2019-09-02 à

"Héroïnes pour un jour", by Jean Marie Durand. 

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"Regardez voir", par Brigitte

Patient :

Listen to the chronic


"Como convertir a Lolita en una heroina del siglo XXI", par Blaca Lacasa 

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"Anne Kuhn, première lauréate du festival "Les femmes s'exposent", by Léonor Matet. 

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03What's up?


 • Crypte Sainte Eugénie - Biarritz

Rétrospective "Love me tender"

October 20th -> Decembrer 4th

• Book "Love me tender"

Texts from Jean-Daniel Beauvallet 


• National museum of Guéthary

• AFC Promotion fondation - Biarritz


• Didam - Bayonne 


Biennale of Venezia, Palazzo Mora  

• "Les femmes s'exposent" - Houlgate  

• Pili Taffernaberry Gallery - Bidart 

• Exit Art Contemporain Gallery - Boulogne Billancourt


• Great Award "Les femmes s'exposent"

• Photo London

• Frame Basel

• Art Photo - Barcelona

• Exit Art Contemporain Gallery - Boulogne Billancourt

• 55 Bellechasse Gallery - Paris



Tribute by city of Biarritz

Insight into the Past by Jean Baptiste Erreca

The beginning of everything - 1963-1973

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