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I have always asked myself :

Are we ever free ?


Does the little girl, left to her own devices at an early age, ask herself the question already? Or the young idealist mother, prisoner to her domestic duties? Or the young adult newly conscious of her responsibilities?

Is freedom relative to our choices, our errors, our experience?

I spoke to other women to hear their views. 

In incarnating, in front of my camera lens, literary heroines, they were able to reflect on the subject and imagine that they were not born free, but became so… or not.

In two juxtaposed photos, some of them have the opportunity to change their destiny, bringing their story to a context that is more relevant than ever.

They not only have to overcome a breakup like Lol V. Stein or climb the social ladder like Célestine, but all of them question how to free ourselves from obstacles. What are they made of? Do we bear a responsibility, an ancestral trace? To what resources should we draw in order to surpass ourselves and hope to elevate ourselves? If I put myself in their place, imagining their perspective with as much rigor as if it was for myself. If it is not always possible to free them from their constraint, the second photo offers an attempt to escape it, whatever the cost.


"Anne Kuhn gives to heroines more than a simple picture: she restores to them the political element of themselves, as if they carried, in spite of themselves, at times, the mark of an unfinished history, a call to be heard."

Les Inrockuptibles 

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