Héroïnes  2017  


Is one ever free?

In attempt to explore these areas more deeply, I have focused on badly treated heroines, on those who were compromised, on forgotten geniuses. 

In two juxtaposed photos, I revealed those heroins between fiction and allegory, linking their history to a more contemporary context. Firstly, I interpreted them as imagined from the reading of the novel, before then modifying their destiny to explore female freedom, and my own at the same time.

The goal is not that they succeed but the action implemented to try to be free.

Then comes a lot of questions ...

"Anne Kuhn gives to heroines more than a simple picture: she restores to them the political element of themselves, as if they carried, in spite of themselves, at times, the mark of an unfinished history, a call to be heard."

Les Inrockuptibles