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Love me tender  2023


How to evoke in photography the impact of intimate relationships in the evolution of individuals?

In life as in a bed, true love can do everything. Conversely, when it is lacking, becomes possessive or exclusive, then mechanisms appear whose consequences resolutely impact the family, friendly, professional or social circle, such as the wave following a stone dropped in water.

Starting from there, Love me tender is placed at the heart of the relationship to show what feeds it, enriches it or on the contrary destroys it.

Love in its various forms (heterosexual, homosexual, plural, multiracial, multi-age, friendly or even asexual) in order to question its relationship to others and to observe that the best as the worst can arise where you least expect it.

Thanks to a snapshot overlooking 3m2 dedicated to intimacy, the images describe fusion, tenderness, balance but also jealousy, danger. A bed to capture the emotional state of the characters and to imagine how it works through their revealing postures. Through the contrast of colors, the choice of prints, the movement of the tissus catching the light, the bed has its own language, it becomes an allegorical setting.

The series will be unveiled next October at the Crypte Sainte Eugénie in Biarritz as well as in a book to be published in September with Passiflore editions.

Talking to Anne Kuhn is reminiscent of many other discussions with women similarly built on a fault line. They had chosen another means of expression to modestly tell their doubts, their loneliness, their inadequacy to the world. PJ Harvey, Björk or Catpower, women in rupture, also under construction, say in music what Anne Kuhn secretly says in her photos. The similarity of speech is disturbing, between these women who have chosen action, because it is louder than words.

Jean-Daniel Beauvallet, journalist, writer, music critic and co-founder of Les Inrockuptibles

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